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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 6, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> there's a guy on a unicorn. is this real? he is two miles out and that is rule. >> do not this. >> this man was fishing. >> there's a rod in his hand. >> something is attached to that fishing rod, that's how he got two miles out. they start talking to him and say hey, buddy, do you need some help? he's like, sure. >> what's your name? >> tim. >> tim. >> his name's tim. >> wait a minute. so this guy was still fishing and wasn't calling for help, didn't think that he was in danger being -- shore? he had any plan on how to >> they never really get into that. >> he's asking for help, what's he going to do call on a cell phone? it doesn't work way out there. >> and what is on the end of that line. >> he's getting toad around. >> by a shark sbr. >> by a shark. to v on our channel and likehi .
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the guy's like. >> i have $47, i'm rich. >> he said he probably has more followers than me. >> they already have a million hits for this. they eventually decide to throw a rope out to the guy and bring him in. >> what did you catch today. >> an idiot. >> so once gets on board they're like to do you want to finish catching this? if you want to see what was actually at the end of that. >> look at that thing. >> are we being duped here? >> they themselves talk about going viral then he drops his twitch channel and talks about them going viral. >> yeah. >> i saw a girl trying to ride her unicorn in the high tide and her response was i need this for instagram. >> that being said, we have seep crazier and stupider things on the show. either way it's a fantastic video. >> they do let the shark go but people have their suspicions.
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car jacking is on the rise in south africa. it's something that authorities warn folks about often. this woman pulls right into her home and she's got company. they hop right out, they've got weapons, and you see they're knocking on the window, pointing guns at her. >> that's ashame because south africa is a cool country but the first thing ways told when i got off the plane rirp was taken through the car jacking procedure. >> she knows the procedure well. >> i was hoping this would happen. >> and then they all hop in, back out, and she's like i'm not done, hits the car in reverse. >> she's my new hero but she's so lucky those guns i'm assuming weren't real or loaded. >> just maihem now. >> as tart guns there's no reports on whether or not they're real or load but it's clear that they weren't there to use them the way that they may have acted like they were going to. >> and she's just lucky. >> over to australia where this woman got out of her car.
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she's going to pick up something that she purchased online. but you notice as she's standing there she runs back to her car and the car is taking off. >> she must have left it 1 running. >> even when she got out you notice she was checking on whatever was in there before she walked away. she was checking on her baby. >> oh. >> reports are that the man got into the car, looked over behind his shoulder at the baby, and continued on anyway. that's why she's running back the way that she is. but you'll be happy to know that 21 minutes later authorities located the car, reuniting the mother with her baby. they didn't catch him for several days and you'll be happy to know that they did afind him and arrest him. he was driving with car theft, driving with a suspend license and theft with a motor vehicle about the he did get away with her wallet, he's going down, her baby is safe and hopefully there's a lesson from this fore
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>> look at that little kitty just chilling out for this 18-mile ride all tucked comfy and cozy inside oscar's top. >> we believe him to be in istanbul, turkey. he was out for a ride and heard a meow. got a soft spot for kit zblis he picked up this little kitty. >> didn't want to leave it out there. >> it looks like he's dhun before. whoever ends up with this cat is going to get a zblat you don't go through this and look for another home. that's your homy now. >> i thought this might be the outcome for this kitty too, but he said it was adopted two days later. it's got a new home and new family. >> that was the cutest thing i've ever seen. now to singapore where a woman noticed a cat stuck in this swollen canal. she started waving a shirt to
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passersby to help out. she had three children at home and couldn't rescue the cat herself. when she got the attention of these people, she helped. >> they have life preservers all along the way in case someone gets marooned. >> once he gets the life buoy close to the cat. >> the cat doesn't cling on and say thanks for the rescue. it needs to be koxs a little bit. >> he does get close enough to put kitty up. another bicyclist there helping him come up on the bank. once it gets solid footing on those burks there, he's like okay, i'm out. remember when you were a kid and you got hoola hoop and the second you got it to go around your waist once you thought you conke conquered the world and then you see videos like this? she is melissa and she is quite the prowith the hoola hoop. she's on a vacation with her
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family and everywhere they go she grabs her hoola hoop in the is doing that insanely naturally cool stuff. >> that's talent. >> she's very good. if you follow her instagram, mel wheeler. >> i'm gonna you'll see a bunch of really cool hoola hooping videos of her. she is also a performance artist. she calls herself an adventurer. but now let's move over to coral jade also in australia. look at the things sche do. >> wow. >> you can do one around your wrist and you thought with you were awesome and this girl busts out a hundred of them. and there are several videos of her doing this over and over again. the hoola hoops are around her knees, around her hands, then the other foot and then all the other hoola hoops start swinging. and then she does a headstand and continues with the hoola that's really impressive. this birthday girl separating her special day. >> and her parents have told
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her, hey, we've got one more present for you. >> the big surprise she's waited years for. and, it's a cinematic view of an incredible free fall. >> the whole time it looks like they're just static in the air. >> see this stunning sunset jump next. it flows into your dishwasher, gumming up its performance. add finish dishwasher cleaner with your detergent to help dissolve this grease so you're ready for your next meal. new finish dishwasher cleaner clean dishwasher. clean dishes. nature gives me... energy. clarity. drive. wisdom. courage. nature gives... give back. nature valley, proud supporter of the national parks. ♪ find your flurry, with ziploc frozen bags.
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. prepare to be mesmerized in the is another skydiving video but it's shot in such a way that i just could not peel my eyes away. guys jump right off the bat and off they go. but a shot on a cinematic camera by nicholas, a very expensive red epic camera of two sky divers, jesse and jay are head
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down the whole way. but it's just this slow motion, almost dance in the air. nothing dramatic, no herky movements, jerky movements. it's just these two guy in control of their bodies in the air. >> they're using the camera to the best of its capabilities. you see the quality of light and what's going on but also the same time look how stable that picture is as well. >> the light, you hit it on the nose in the say sunset jump so you've got that golden hour look, all of the light, nice and soft. we're told that the jump itself took about 50 seconds and that these jumpers are moving at about 180 miles per hour because they're in that aggressive head-down position. >> it looks like they're floating the whole time it looks like they're just static in the air. >> it looks calm. it looks kaushl. >> it was shot in 2016 by round
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3 media and they just recently uploaded it and i'm glad they did because it's stunning. this is 6-year-old ellen. it's her birthday and her parents have told her, hey, we've got one more present for you. so she looks in the bag and this is something that she's been asking for for a while. she takes out that lovely stuffed animal and then she starts reading the card. >> she's probably been asking for a puppy. >> they sprinkle her with a little bit of glitter and she looks at the card. >> ooh. >> she says what? >> it says big sister on the outside. but then she starts reading. [ screams ]. >> this is exactly what she wanted and her mom said her reaction is what she really wanted. >> i'm very happy. >> she's been waiting two years to get the news that she's going to be a big sister. >> johnny bolton, she's been
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waiting ten years for this surprise. >> i've got a surprise for you now. >> the one sitting in that comfipp chair is his great aunt. she's 96 years old. she lives by herself in south carolina, but johnny says his two aunts decided had hey, let's surprise her so she could see her little sister. her list sister is 86 years old. they haven't seen each other in a long time. >> what are you doing here? >> so big sister gets up and goes in for the hug. >> special, special moment for these two ladies. they flew in her younger sister from the uk to come visit. >> can they stay together now? there's another very plush chair, comfy chair waiting there. >> and plenty to talk little billy's going shopping. >> i'm going shopping at the store. >> oh, hi. manage goes, i've been need
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something manage goes. >> yeah, you see, there's a small issue because little billy is big broke. >> oh, pizza. i'm going to have to wait for a coupon on that one. >> but it's not getting him down. >> and i'm so happy right now. i'm going 0 shopping to see what i can find. oh -- we're going to have to wait for -- to get those. >> don't worry, he's taking hit after hit after hit, but he's not breaking. >> oh, soda. 5 snds is it soda or liquid gold? >> he starts having to make some concessions. >> i really need some -- i think i'll get some milk that's starting starting to curdel, i i might have to make my zblon just leave it out in the sun all day and
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get cheese that way. >> see, problem is it seems like he went shopping while he was hungry. everything looks good, but doesn't change the fact that you're broke. >> but there are sis a >> you can -- and value fries. >> there you go, don't go shopping hungry, as nick will tell you. a big truck rolls up to a small obstacle. >> but he stops. he stops right before. >> see if a quick fix can get the driver over a bump in the road. >> wow. >> ooh. >> plus the holderness family is solving a magical mystery. >> is it a toilet paper series? >> find out whose really in charge of the throne coming up. >> it's not rocket science. nt
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wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? like that's gonna happen. icy hot: icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. icy hot. we know all too twhal common sense -- well that common sense is not very common. in this video from vietnam we have a massive, massive truck that needs to cross that little break on the road.
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>> they've got the boards there. >> yeah. now, common sense, if you have it, would tell you that's probably not strong enough for this big, big, big truck. >> right. but if you get up enough speed. >> exactly. >> you slide over it. >> dukes of hazard right over it. >> some dude on the other side is just going to make sure that the boards are aligned with the tires. we got this. >> that's the problem, yeah. i really want this to work. >> i'm hoping we're surprised. >> well, keep watching. >> oh, wow! >> you're kidding! >> right. aren't you all just shocked? now this thing is completely blocking this road and it's going to be there for a while. now, over to this next video from oklahoma where we've got a little more common sense. yeah? we're on a very busy road, right? we're pulling up to what appears to be this slow down in traffic.
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any of you remember the kiki challenge? >> somebody is supposed to get out of the car and dance alongside as it's moving? >> look off to the right. >> are those children? >> yes. you want to know who else is on the road? >> oh! >> right next to them. my favorite personal is the reaction of the truck driver. [ laughter ] >> i wonder if that's mom and dad doing that? >> either way, you're in trouble. >> yep. the toy legal paper now. >> i don't know where the toilet paper lives, where is it? where is it. >> question of the day, is there a toilet paper -- >> i don't know. there should be one. >> it seems as though there is one in the holderness family. >> there's a toilet paper camera and down to the last square. >> probably the lady of the house. >> if i wish really hard, it appears on the bar from out of nowhere. ♪ ♪ there's a toilet can paper --
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>> it just appears whenever he needs it ♪ ♪ but i walk out room and i come back and, boom, it's back on that rod ♪ zblots it's not rocket science. you too can be a toilet paper fairy ♪ none of them's ever seen it ♪ what a great mystery ♪ thank you so much for making my dreams come true ♪ ♪ i wouldn't be able to wipe without you ♪ >> hate to break it to you, brother. >> what is wrong with you people? you think there's a toilet paper fairy? i am the toilet paper fairy. >> put it on the roll yourself. >> yes. a groom's going for the garter but. >> in this case, husband's got jokes. >> the big surprise hiding under
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little bit of guacamole, you roll it up and you have yourself a pretty delicious little meal. >> nice. sharing some ♪ >> the bouquet toss. we all know how it works, bride turns her back, all the ladies are gathered. for some this is the most athletic moment of their lives. >> the rest of them duck. >> it comes down, ooh. >> it's been caught by that young lady. now see if you can tell which guy is her [ laughter ] >> oh, bad.
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>> i laughed so hard. and he goes by like usain bolt trying to win the gold. >> well, he didn't really go for it like braids maids do most of the time. we have another wedding tradition in the next video. you though noe that bit we have to cringe through a little bit, the husband goes under the dress and he's looking for that garter to slip off. fortunately in this case husband's got jokes. >> granny's panty. >> i love that. >> that was just a quality bit of gagerry comes out with a big nickers. flips them off to the side, eventually goes up there digging around and finds what he's looking for. but when they bring humor to
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these situation, i'm all for it. that's our show. grab some snacks and check out for more fun stuff. we'll see you next time on an all new rtm. the president to free a grandmother and is working to free another prisoner sentenced to life for drugs. the 58-story luxury millennium tower has been sinking for two years. units cost as much as $10 million. but over the weekend, a crack appeared in a 36th floor apartment window. residents heard a creaking sound and pop. the city is giving until tomorrow to report back on the state of the repairs. the russian part of domino's
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pizza is saying nyet to a very short promo. >> it was offering 100 free pizzas per year for 100 years. essentially, free pizza for life, for anyone who tattooed its logo, quote, in a prominent place. the deal started on friday and was supposed to run two months. but then social media pictures started coming in from pizza lovers who got dominoes ink. >> the promo ended tuesday, because it was deemed too popular. i feel sorry for the guy, because you know there's somebody right now sitting in the tattoo parlor working on this tattoo. >> got half a domino on his wrist. i thought i was going to get pizza, no pizza? all set. no pizza for that, guy. >> keep going. coming up, the homeowner who took action and created quite a
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buzz in his neighborhood. his electrifying story ahead. plus, a special tribute to rock icon freddie mercury. some travelers got quite the show. you'll see it. you're watching "world news now." we're back after this. ♪ after this. ♪ ♪ i've got to break free
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